I have been putting portable tree stands since they became legal to hunt from in 1973 in Wisconsin.... I guide bear hunters and put up all the stands for my clients, last fall I put up 19 portable tree stands.... I started using the Bucky Mountain Tree Stand Hoist and it has made my job so much easier and safer..... I will not put up a tree stand any more or take one down unless i have the tree stand hoist with me... "After all these years hunting, it is not often I discover a product that I don't have that is really a useful item for me!" I would strongly recommend the Bucky Mountain Tree Stand Hoist to anyone that puts up tree stands.... 
Bill Schutte---- Schutte Bear Camp.... Ashland Wi 
From: Caleb 
August 27, 2013

Got the first stands hung for the year. The extra hand made the job much easier and safer. Thanks to you and the boys for a great product. Feel free to share this and more to come. Best of luck in the field.
From Kent on Facebook
Great product, I checked it out at the IBA Fall Featival. Built well and is that extra hand or person you need in the woods and usually don't have.