Hi, I’m Robert (Bob) Washa founder of Bucky Mountain Products. I’ve been an avid hunter using both gun and compound bow since childhood (to put that in perspective, I’ve been hunting for nearly 47 years). I have been blessed with the opportunity to make many hunting memories with family and friends; however, I’ve had no greater pleasure than sharing this passion with my sons. I find it hard to believe that in only a few short years I’ll be sharing this experience with my grandchildren as well. 

Throughout the years I hung my tree stands and did it as efficiently as I could. As my children grew and they started to hang tree stands I realized that efficiency wasn’t the only important part of hanging tree stands – safety also mattered. Watching them “wrestle� the stands into position shed new light on how I looked when I was doing this, on my own, in the woods, and only inches at times from possible tragedy. This gave me a new perspective and a reason to find a better way.

For the past several years I’ve been brainstorming ideas on a safer, more efficient and effective way to hang tree stands. Finally, I got it. My design, the tree pulley bracket, not only aids in lifting and setting tree stands but also has the ability to lift ladder stands and can second as a hoist for lifting deer, bear, and other large game.

The tree pulley bracket is designed to nestle close to the tree, keeping the hoisted stand at eye level and up against the tree, but most importantly leaving it hands free when securing it in place. Using the tree pulley bracket you can secure the tree stand using both hands and avoid fighting the awkwardness and weight of the tree stand. As a matter of fact, you won’t even need to use your legs or other body parts to position the stand – the tree pulley bracket does that for you! 

How the tree pulley bracket and accompanying hoist works for setting a tree stand:
 Using the Tree Stand Ratchet Hoist, simply collapse the stand at the base of the tree
 Run the spring clip of the hoist under the seat and through the floor of the stand (this keeps the stand collapsed and easier to install)
 Using the included 40 feet of rope and ratchet, pull the rope just past center of the ratchet (rope is marked with a black indicator mark at center)
 Climb the tree, always using a lineman’s harness for safety, and mount the bracket just above where you want seat of your stand positioned
 Once the bracket it secure, clip the ratchet into the tree pulley bracket and hoist your tree stand into position
 Secure your tree stands first strap
 Using the release button on the ratchet, pull 2-3 feet of rope back through the ratchet causing slack on the line and allowing you to fold the stand open  
 Secure your additional tree stands straps, remove the rope from your stand, and remove the bracket from the tree

How the tree pulley bracket and accompanying hoist works for setting a ladder stand:

 Simply put the bracket up as high as you can "reaching about 7ft" using the Ladder Stand Hoist with 40' of rope. 
 Attach the rope 1 step below the platform. 
 Using a short rope go around and through the step, attach short rope to hoist, and lift. 

For lifting a double tree stand, add an extra pulley at the bracket, now making it a 2 to 1 hoist and allowing you to lift twice the weight.

How the tree pulley bracket and hoist is used for lifting large game:

 Install the bracket as high as you can reach, using the Ladder Stand Hoist or the Hang 'Em Hoist. I add a pulley to make it a 2 to 1 hoist on the Ladder Stand hoist. 
 Simply lift the game so the animals shoulders are 3 ft up. 
 Back your 4 wheeler or truck up and load. 

This step makes it so easy.

My sons and I are currently working on other innovative ways to further the hunting industry. We appreciate your interest in our current product and our story. 

Bucky Mountain is a big bluff next to Blackhawk Lake where we have our business.

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